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End Of The Line - Sleigh Bells from Reign Of Terror

Sleigh Bells keeps doing this thing when they release an album that’s super irritating—they put out a song that I can’t stop listening to for quite literally days.

Now that I’ve made you keep listening to this, I am going to a concert.

Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill
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Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells from Treats

This song is summer & sex & swimming in the sun.  It’s perfect for a drugged-out haze or margaritas.  I’ve listened to it more times than iTunes believes, playing all 3 minutes 50 seconds on five minute long drives and immediately hitting replay.

I think I might always love it.  Big claims, but it’s time to stop pussying out.

IF YOU LIKE THIS MAYBE ANOTHER THING YOU MIGHT LIKE: Discovery, pertickularly “So Insane” and “Orange Shirt”; Free Energy’s “Something In Common”, Fatboy Slim “Wonderful Night feat. Lateef”. 

I like putting the names of songs in quotes because it makes it seem like I don’t really believe they exist.