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Suckers - Turn On The Sunshine
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Turn On The Sunshine - Suckers from Candy Salad - Get Free Music at RCRD LBL.com

It’s officially April, which means that it’s time for you to start listening to summery songs & not stop until it is November. Please begin with this & in order to get you on the right track (guys that pun was definitely not intended), I’ll include a list of some of my favorite summery albums and also some new summery albums. I’ve probably done something similar but never before at this moment.

Summer Days

1. Tanlines - Mixed Emotions (sample here, also this video was directed by Julian Barratt from The Mighty Boosh!!)
2. Chiddy Bang - Breakfast (sample here, this song isn’t actually on the album but it’s a great intro to the band)
3. Discovery - LP (sample here)
4. Gold Motel - Summer House (sample here)
5. Little Jackie - The Stoop (sample here)
6. Tallest Man On Earth - The Wild Hunt (sample here)
7. The Blood Arm - Lie Lover Lie (sample here, this is not my favorite song of theirs but it’s the best audio-quality wise)

Summer Nights

1. Youth Lagoon - Year of Hibernation (sample here)
2. Gonzales - Solo Piano (sample here)
3. jj - n°2 (sample here, also this is such a great video, please watch it)
4. M. Ward - Transistor Radio (sample here, maybe just listen to this song as you watch the sun come up)
5. Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It (sample here)
6. Seabear - The Ghost That Carried Us Away (sample here)
7. Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer (sample here)

Might do a real playlist via 8tracks at some point, but here this is for now.

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